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Creative Resources about Miscarriage and Still Birth

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

This post is designed to be a resource for creativity about miscarriage and still birth. It was such a blessing to find all these creative works about Miscarriage and still birth and to add them to my own. I know the creativity I've found are just the tip of the iceberg and that so many millions of people will have created pieces of art as an outpouring of their grief. If you are reading this and have created something you'd like added, or have found a creative art form which has helped or touched you, then please email me and I'll add it.

The painting below is something I've been working on for the last few weeks, though in my mind for several months, depicting my four baby boys as sleeping angels.

My four baby boy angels asleep and at peace together

My Paintings and poems Journey of grief Praying endlessly Holding onto hope Grief and art Oh baby of mine Wave of Light 2021 Where is my baby now God? My book of poetry: This is my story: this is my song. Available from all good bookshops or online at Grove book written by Tina Hodgett and I: My talk at Greenbelt: a baby dies, how do we mourn Resources for baby loss services: A to Z of babyloss: Service of prayer for babies who die before or shortly after birth:

Here are some more paintings I have created, usually around anniversaries, as a way of dealing with the grief which never goes away.

Resources, Art, Music and Poetry: Healing Miscarriage Trauma Through Expressive Arts Therapy, Ritual, and Healing Circles: Ellie Harrison at The Grief Series Ashley MacLure Andrew Foster Grief unseen book Miscarriage bronze sculpture by Lizzie Cane Jizo statues Spirit houses Memorial of unborn children sculptures The Miscarriage poem by Amit Majmudar Sylvia Plath’s poem Parliament Hill Fields Frida Kahlo’s painting Miscarriage Painting by Andrea Atanasova A useful article about the exhibition by Tracey Emin The Miscarriage by Helene Ruiz Fine Art America have many paintings about Miscarriage You were our baby photographs Melanie Paterak Alison Dilworth Sarah Reece Lucy O’Donnell exhibition The secret club project Ana Hine shorthand confessions Zohar Hagbi 15 songs about Miscarriage

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