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40 paintings and associated poems presented in 8 sections as a journey through the issues of climate change.

Caring for Creation Together was published in 2022 by Wild Goose Publications. This series of 40 full-colour visionary paintings, poems and reflections highlighting issues of climate justice and asking ‘How can we bring about positive change together?’ was first shown at COP26 by Tearfund.

Emma has embraced her creativity through disability and, having caught covid and developed long covid, has moved into digital painting which you can see on her instagram feed.  

In March and April 2021 Emma created 40 abstract paintings and associated haiku as a form of prayer.  As she reflected on these she realised these were a series raising awareness of climate justice.  

The six months since then have seen the Caring for Creation Paintings take on a life of their own.

The series were launched as a digital installation for a week at Reading Minster on Friday 30th July 2021 at 8pm as part of the YCCN relay;  they were by the Diocese of Oxford to raise awareness of climate justice leading up to COP26; the original paintings were displayed as an exhibition at St Nicolas Earley through July, August and September 2021.  

All 40 of the paintings and poems in the Caring for Creation series are now in Glasgow where they will be exhibited at St George's Tron (163 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 2JX) during COP26 between 30th October and 12th November. 

St George's Tron is the focus for all Christian Climate Campaigning during COP26. The space is being curated by Tearfund and will host a variety of events each day including prayer meetings, services, concerts and talks as well as being open as a cafe. 

The paintings are being sold to raise money for Tearfund and their work on climate justice.  Nine have been sold before their trip to Glasgow, the hope is that the rest are sold whilst they are on their adventure.    

As if that wasn't enough....

100 sets of postcards containing the paintings and poems were produced and sold out within 2 months, the profits from these sales raised money for Christian Aid and Tearfund.  

And... a book is on the way.

Emma has written additional reflections for each painting and poem in order to create a book to be published by Wild Goose Publications due for launch in early 2022.

Plus... On Sunday 14th November at 6pm Emma is leading an hour of prayer and reflection based on the paints and drawings online.  Just message her for all the details. 

If you have any questions about the series or would like to enquire about purchasing one of the originals, or a print, you can email Emma 

You can watch the launch of the Caring for Creation Art Installation on the Reading Minster YouTube channel 



These images show which of the original paintings are sold and which are still available.  If you are interested in buying one please email Emma.

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