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Caring for Creation Together 
Published in 2022 by Wild Goose Publications, this series of 40 full-colour visionary paintings, poems and reflections highlighting issues of climate justice and asking ‘How can we bring about positive change together?’ was first shown at COP26 by Tearfund. 

Little Guy; Journey of Hope
In a series of 25 drawings and poems Little Guy moves from anxious and depressed, through hope and trust to a point where he is able to relate to the world and thrive again.
Published in 2020, by Wild Goose Publications, Little Guy journeys with us during the isolation of pandemic, during the loneliness inherent in our busy society and in during periods of grief, anxiety and depression which we all encounter through our lives. 

Dormiveglia; Living with Long Covid
Published in 2021 Dormiveglia is a collection of 80 poems and 25 digital paintings about the reality of living with Long Covid. 

Lights Stuck On Red; Inner Travels in Lockdown
Published in 2021, Lights Stuck On Red brings together selected poems and paintings from a collection of over 300 poems and 100 pieces of digital art that I created whilst living through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Light of Hope 
Published in 2022, Light of Hope brings together at, poetry and photography by refugees and their friends. Raising money for the charity Phone Credit for Refugees, this is the first book I have produced, edited and published myself. My aim was to raise £400 by Refugee Week 2022 and we achieved that. I'm now preparing for a second print run. 
If you would like a copy then please email me

This is my Story; This is my Song
This book, published in 2013, is both my story and my song.It is the story of my babies who died before they were born;it is my song of healing and hope in grief, given as a gift to others. 

Alphabet of Mental Health
1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness. Emma is one of the 1 in 4.She has survived many depressive episodes, lives in recovery from an eating disorder and suffers periods of anxiety. This book contains 27 poems selected from the hundreds she has written which tackle the issues of mental health. 

40 Crosses to Colour In
40 Crosses to Colour In Prayerfully, Mindfully, Imperfectly, CreativelyPerfect for the forty days of lent or advent, or more than enough for a month of daily colouring. 

Stations of the Cross for All: Places to wait with Jesus; meet with Jesus; and talk with Jesus.
It was written to lead a group of children and teenagers through Jesus’ last day but works equally well for individuals or for groups of any age. 

We are the Nativity Crowd: The christmas story told in poetry
This book is the nativity story told as a poem over 30 verses. The poem was originally written as the basis for the annual nativity play at St Nicolas Earley on Christmas Eve 2014. 

Children's Bible Stories in English and Bemba
A collection of Bible Stories written for Children. Perfect for early readers, or to be read aloud by parents/carers. These stories have been written in English and translated into Bemba, both languages are contained within the book. 

Miscarriage and Pastoral Care: Ministering to Sufferers of Pregnancy Loss
Tina Hodgett and I wrote this Grove book together exploring the issues of miscarriage and the pain, loss and the grief that surround it, examining how churches can best support individualls and families who have suffered pregnancy loss. 

Emma also has poems, chapters, prayers, reflections and artwork in the following books.

Love is never done
Published in 2021 by Wild Goose Publications I wrote a reflection and prayer for one of the days in this book of resources for Holy Week.

The Adventure is Beginning 
Published in 2021 by Wild Goose Publications I wrote a reflection and prayer for one of the days in this daily book journeying through advent and Christmas. 

Mission and disability (Anvil vol 38 issue 1)

Published in 2022, this edition of the missional journal "Anvil" was edited by Rev Katie Tupling with articles about disability written by disabled people. I wrote an article about mission, disability and creativity.

Gray: We Hide Our Colors Within 
Published in 2021 I was one of the poets included in this anthology written during the pandemic. "Gray is the colour of dreams that unearth themselves while we sleep but secretly make known their existence during a monotonous day."

Chapters from Venus; Breaking Stories, Breaking Silences
Published in 2021 I wrote a chapter about climate change entitled "Climate Justice: A Feminist issue"

Please hear what I'm not saying
Published in 2018 this book brought together poems about mental health, raising awareness and money for MIND. I wrote a long poem of advice to Rachel and every other girl making her way in the world.

Their Agony; Every Life Matters
Published in 2021 I wrote a chapter for this book about mental health including poetry, art and testimony. "I have lived with depression on and off since my teens; that's over 30 years of living with varying states of mental health. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I have learned a huge amount over the years about how to survive the darkest days and for me it all centres around holding onto hope." 

Future Present
Published in 2018 I wrote the chapter "Disabling Dreams" about the importance of flexibility, creativeness and regular review in ministry drawing on my experience of becoming disabled

PLUS way back in the dim and distant past (2003) I was one of the authors of...APM Project Risk Management and Analysis Guide

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