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Meet Emma

Poet, Artist and Pioneer Mimister

Emma Major is a pioneer minister, blind wheelchair user, poet and artist.

She shares her thoughts about life, faith, disability, mental health and social justice through both poetry and art. 


You can find her work published in her books including Caring for Creation Together and Little Guy, in numerous poetry anthologies, in poetry, faith and mental health magazines and journals and at art exhibitions around the UK and beyond.  

She shares her paintings (and poetry) on social media and you can see them by visiting her instagram feed and in the Art Gallery section on this website.

For more information about Emma's books you can visit Emma's author listing at GoodReads


​Or on Amazon

Emma is active on social media where she shares her artwork and poetry to encourage and affirm people; campaigns for a better world; and raises awareness of mental health and disability.   


You can find her by searching @emmuk74 on the following platforms:





and Facebook

LLM Calling has a page on Facebook which you can follow.  

You can also join Emma's Facebook group Emma LLM Calling.


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