Emma Major is a pioneer minister, blind wheelchair user, poet and artist.  She is passionate about supporting people and helping every one make the most of their lives no matter what challenges they face.

Emma is the author of books about mental health, ministry and poetry, including nativity plays, prayers, reflections about disability and climate justice.  In the covid Lockdown 2020 Emma was thrilled to see her book of poetry and artwork published by Wild Goose Publishing. Little Guy: Journey of Hope is available from all good bookshops.

Emma's poetry is included in over a dozen poetry collections published around the world on themes including mental health, faith, grief, motherhood and climate change.  She has also published a number of her own collections including "This is my story; This is my song" about the grief of the death of a her boys before birth and "An A to Z of mental health".

Emma has written chapters for two anthologies of poetry and artwork.  The first is a chapter about the effect of climate change on women around the world for the book Chapters from Venus: Breaking stories ~ Breaking silences available now.  The second is a chapter about her experience of living with suicidal thoughts and recovering from severe depression; "Their Agony" will be published in 2022.

Autumn and Winter 2021/22 will see the publication of two new solo books of poetry and art; the first "Dormiveglia" is a poetic and artistic depiction about life with long covid; the second "Lights Stuck on Red" is a selection of the 3000 poems Emma wrote during the vatious Covid 19 Lockdowns, illustrated by 30 of her paintings.

You can visit Emma's author listing at GoodReads

​Or on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Emma-Major/e/B00B6IJGVY

Emma has embraced her creativity through disability and, having caught covid and developed long covid, has moved into digital painting.  She is slowly coming to accept that she is not just a poet but also an artist.  Emma shares her paintings (and poetry) on social media and you can see them by visiting her instagram feed and in the Art Gallery section.

In March and April 2021 Emma created 40 abstract paintings and associated and haiku as a form of prayer.  As she reflected on these she realised these were a series raising awareness of climate justice.  This series has been exhibited physically and as a digital installation in various locations and will reach its full potential when it becomes an exhibition at COP26 and then a book.   For more about this visit Caring for Creation.

In Summer 2021 Emma was invited to join Reading Guild of Artists and subsequently exhibit her paintings in two art exhibitions; Reading's Last Gas Tower Exhibition and Junction Arch Heritage Open Exhibition.  She also opened her garage on the Wokingham Arts Trail inviting local people to see her art, chat about creativity and be inspired to have a go themselves.

Emma is active on social media where she shares her artwork and poetry to encourage and affirm people; campaigns for a better world; and raises awareness of mental health and disability.   You can find her by searching @emmuk74 on the following platforms:





LLM Calling has a Facebook page as well as a new Facebook group; you can also follow Little Guy on Facebook.


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