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Oh baby of mine

Oh baby of mine Held perfectly within time I know your soul shines ..

This was painted and written in February 2021

I was thinking about our boys as I was playing with paint earlier today and the top left of these images started to appear. The shapes and colours speak to me so strongly about the joy of pregnancy and yet also the pain which so many of us experience. Something made me take the picture further as my emotions were stirred. Moving clockwise to the top right image and a representation of the beauty of life and it's fragility. Round again to the bottom right and the pain of death before or shortly after birth. And finally the lightness of the soul of every baby in heaven and the darkness of the grief of those of us left behind. I know many of you reading this will have you own experience of baby loss, 1 in 3 pregnancies sadly ends this way. So if you'd like any support then I highly recommend the following charities in the UK: Sands, the stillbirth & neonatal death charity The Miscarriage Association Saying Goodbye

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