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Where is my baby now God?

Dear God Why did my baby have to die? Why did you want him home? Why couldn't he stay here with me? Why do I have to moan? Why can't you stop these babies dieing? Is it too big to do? Please don't tell me you let it happen; That's not what I know about you! Where is my baby now God? What age is he there with you now? Does he miss me too God? Will I see him again, tell me how! I wish you could hold my hand God I need to feel your love here with me Thankyou for loving my baby God Please don't forget about me. ... And a prayer Father God Wherever Jesus went, children flocked to his side. He gathered them to him and included them in his loving arms. Today Lord we ask you to open your loving arms and gather in our children who came to you so soon. May they enjoy being with Jesus and feel his peace in their hearts. Let them know we love them and please keep them safe until we can hold them ourselves. Amen

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