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Wave of Light 2021

Tonight I light a candle for my four boys and for all the babies of friends far and wide who I know are missed today and every day.

Below are just some of the poems I've written over the years. Tears were welling in my eyes Tears of shock, a bad surprise I couldn't believe I'd had the news Please forgive my watery blues Tears were flowing every day Tears of baby, gone away As I opened sympathy cards I couldn't stop, it was too hard Tears still come, now and then Tears of grief, that might not end But with God's help, reduce enough That I will smile, won't feel so rough Tears just show that I've been hurt Tears like these can heal my heart So when you cry, don't turn away Tears can flow freely here today Now you are light Bright in my heart Yet invisible to everyone else Now you are love Growing in heaven Protected from the pain on earth I never met my boys Never shared their joys But in me once they lay And in my heart they stay ... 4 lights remember 4 lives I'll never forget I'll never recover The pain burns deep I'll love them forever Empty arms, Empty heart, Empty cot, Empty room, Empty house, Empty womb, Empty family, Empty life, Empty. ... And finally, a prayer Father God Wherever Jesus went, children flocked to his side. He gathered them to him and included them in his loving arms. Today Lord we ask you to open your loving arms and gather in our children who came to you so soon. May they enjoy being with Jesus and feel his peace in their hearts. Let them know we love them and please keep them safe until we can hold them ourselves. Amen

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