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Grief and Art

I've been in a research project this morning exploring how art can help women process grief after Miscarriage and Still Birth. I created two paintings and a poem.

This first piece shows my boys outside of this world but not alone, with many other babies, children and adults who are in heaven. The poem developed as I painted.

How can it be so many years?

And yet my cheeks are wet with tears

My love for you never wanes, is strong

My heart still broken

In shards where you belong

Yet life goes on

Two decades of keeping on

Without you my sons

My only comfort is knowing

Reminding myself


That you are together

Until I join you, to hold you, forever

I've also painted a representation of my boys' candles which I light at key dates in the year. Over those I've tried to show their heavenly beings because when I light their candles I feel they are close.

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