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What I Can See for TAE

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

In February 2022 I heard about the Twitter Art Exhibit and thought I would enter something. I wasn't sure what to paint so decided I would try to express what I can see. This is the result in postcard form.

Here's the description of the four parts of my creation

Top left : the photo of the cliff path at Barton On Sea in Hampshire UK. The slope is bordered by a fence which casts a shadow on the path. There are bushes in the foreground and a cliff with grass in top in the background. The sky is blue and seagulls are in flight.

Top right: a digital painting of the scene trying to get as close to the photo as possible to show what I used to be able to see. I used magnification to "see" both the photo and the detail I'm painting.

Bottom left: what I see now. Most of the painting is obscured by an almost total haze. There is a tunnel of blurry sight which has less colours than most but is still incredibly useful. In reality I move my sight all the time so that I can "paint a picture" in my mind of the view, but this is what each look looks like.

Bottom right: what I sense. I create abstract paintings in circles "abstract planets" to capture the feelings I sense, this one's green and blue of joy and light.

The TAE, hosted by the encephalitis society was launched last weekend in York and my painting was on display as you can see in this photo on the fourth row of the middle column. Number 829

I will know later today if it sold at the exhibition, if not then it will be available to buy for £30 with all profits going to the Encephalitis Charity. I'll add the link below if it's available to purchase.

Wonderful to see that my painting sold. I wonder who bought it.

Update: my painting was bought by a friend, Laura, who has shared on Facebook how happy she is to own it. I am so happy that a friend now owns my painting; that it has done it's job of raising awareness, raising money and can now bless my friend.

One of Laura's friends commented on her Facebook post saying...

"What a stunning piece of art Emma. Absolutely love it. And what an incredible way of explaining your sight too. I love what you sense...can't quite explain it but it magnified the original photo to something much more than objects.... it made me think of pure, unadulterated joy." (Jules P)

Receiving messages like this is a huge encouragement to me and I'm sharing it here to read on days when imposter syndrome raises it's head.

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