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Windows to the soul

Harbingers of new visions

Creative beauty

Dazzling dreams

Dance through darkness

Delving deeper

Dodging danger

Drawing sustenance

Delivering hope

Copacetic life

Tethering my tender soul

Veiled reality

Empyrean dreams

Catching sight of hidden stars


Beneath the surface

So much never seen or said

Invisible truths

Poetic lullabies

Spill dark secrets

Helpless in ecstasy

Treacherous tears

Burn in indelible ink

Flowing as hearts break

Stars weep in welcome

Rejuvenating hope

Beating new tunes

Without sunlight

Touching every corner

There are no shadows

There are no shadows

Highlighting your true value

In the dark places

In the dark places

You may find sanctuary

Beyond the spotlight

My former self

A mere shadow

Instinctively hibernating

From the harsh opinion

Of you

The timeless moon

Wide awake eyes shut

Daydreaming of jewelled skies

Ignoring judgement

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