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Updated: Apr 30

Every single day

Through the whole month of April

I will write poems

Day Thirty

Blue skies touch pink buds

White roses amidst daisies

Spring beauty erupts

Day Twenty Nine

For breakfast this morning

As the new day is dawning

I'm dreaming and planning

A meal and a painting

I'm seeking bright colours

And a world full of flavours

In fruits of many textures

It's a feast for the senses

We shouldn't play with food

But to lift a Monday mood

You can paint with the juice

Let your imagination loose

Day Twenty Eight

When you sleep through most of the day

Only waking up to source something for dinner

Then need another rest from eating

Don't feel guilty

Embrace your inner Tiger

Day Twenty Seven

Flamingos fly

Light as a feather

Above African waters

Mesmerising massive flocks

Ignite imaginations as they

Navigate invisible routes

Guided by landmarks

Of old

Day Twenty Six

Waiting for spring to actually spring

For the endless rain to stop pouring

For the water level to start receding

For the warmth of the sun to touch my skin

For the flowers to tempt bees buzzing

For the colours to start attention grabbing

It feels like months of endless waiting

Day Twenty Five

Planets suns or stars

Reflected in wild ponds

New life erupting

Day Twenty Four

Awake and dreaming

Of the scent of wildflowers

Without hayfever

Day Twenty Three

In response to the Rwanda bill

Not in my name!!!

Let's welcome people and care for them

Let's value people for who they are and embrace their gifts and talents into our society

Let's keep people as safe as we would like to be

Let's take a good hard look at the society we are becoming and not stand by silently

Not in my name!!!

Day Twenty Two

On Earth Day

Natural desire

Every day is an Earth Day

As moonlight dreamers

Day Twenty One

Silence between words

Conveys subconscious meaning

Truth left unspoken

Day Twenty

Moonlit memories

Originate organically

Thunderstorms tumultuously

Highlight heaven

Day Nineteen

If you were a tree 

Which one of these would you choose

To wear with flair

Would you be rocking your roots 

Or suspended in fresh air

Day Eighteen


Actively aware alert

Tremendous feline

Day Seventeen

Together we live

Vibrantly and truly new

In creative ways

Books in creation 

Not just sat on dusty shelves 

We are writing time

A myriad of seconds

Becoming a forever

Day Sixteen


Despite all the evidence

Hope never gives up

Day Fifteen

Spinning fragile plates

Whilst sinking beneath beach sands

Illness is full time

Day Fourteen

Art will save the world

Hiding in recurring dreams

Drawing truthful conclusions

Collaged from printed lies 

Carving screams no one hears 

Accompanied by love songs

Painting trauma of the heart 

Once sketched in foreign fears

Writing poems to the universe

Unstitched from mediocrity

Abstracting nature

Observing their beauty

Highlighting happiness

Far beyond the reach of money

Day Thirteen

Floating through lifetimes

On ever changing currents

Into the unseen

Day Twelve

Exploring petals

Reaching for Tomorrow's bloom

Testing fate again

Asking for more time

Whispering in reflections

Together at last

Talking to the walls

Smiling through smeared doodles

Lighting potential

Day Eleven

Noticing spring's delight 

Weeping willows ache whispering

Your posture speaks of trauma

As the moon sighs silently

Gold-dusted sunset skies cry

Your love is carved from stars

The rain knows the Earth's pain

Generously sprinkling kindness 

We knit our souls with love resiliently

We all grow from the one place

Drawing on deep wells of love

A bouquet of truths in heartfelt hands

Day Ten

Beneath the ice of life

I feel warmth unexpectedly

Through the fog of anxiety

I have lived in obscurity

Now the sun touches gently

The frozen parts of me




I start to defrost

My inner truth opens

To be reborn vulnerably

Under the light of eternity

Day Nine

Resetting the clocks

In a darkened room

Seeing beyond the blackout

To the place where I started

Writing, as I used to do

Songs for the edge of the world

Spitting out thoughts

Never to be heard or spoken

Whispering promises

Broken on impossible peaks

Hiding beyond sight

Puzzling pieces of pain

Don't look down

Don't look away

Don't catch my eye

In darkness I'll stay


The truest version of us lives invisibly

Wings extend across eternity

Reminding us of hope

Kept alive as dormant sparks

Invigorated by connection

Where happiness springs

From myriad shades and shapes

Like an imagined garden

Midnight butterflies hover

Within the mess of pain

Noticing the weight of the sky 

Reassuringly pressing on every beat 

Despite self destructive tendencies

Putting their hearts on the line

As if love is a heavenly game

Rather than a living daydream

Day Eight

My name's Steggy

Will you be my friend

Everyone avoids me

I don't mean to offend

They see all my spikes

Assuming I'm angry

They're only for defence

It makes me feel lonely

Would you like to join me

Visiting new places

We can eat fresh green leaves

And even have races....

Day Seven

Last night I dreamed

We were spinning skywards

The moon weeping rain

Star kissed hands reached out

For emotions buried deep

In sealed boxes

Ancient diaries

Whispering through smeared ink

The sky doesn't lie

Day Six

Frida lived with pain

Immersed herself in colours

Dancing reflections

Sprinkled sweet wishes

Effervescently alive

The beauty remains

Day Five

Spirals in bubbles

Swallowing the grief of war

Spring serenity

Day Four

Take a trip inside

There's no sense of urgency

Find the inner light

Day Three

Eyes connecting truth

Across natural divides

First contact in peace

Day Two

Awake and dreaming

As moonlight erases hate

Can peace become truth

Day One

As day becomes night

Sun rays paint the clouds with light

Truly dramatic

Paintings and poems © Emma Major

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