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Angel Art and Poetry

Lonely winter years

Arrive in the arms of pain

Rest: a quiet place

By the fireplace

Frozen thoughts discarding frost

Breathe in love afresh

Angelic wings rest

Motionless on peaceful nights

Pray unendingly

Angels appear

Do not be afraid

Shining light in the dark

Do not be afraid

Offering comfort and love

Do not be afraid

Let angels walk on earth

Healing all that's broken

Catching onto hope

Desperate for that token

Dirt tracks in the sand

Explored with new abandon

Sensations freshly sculpted

Such amazing freedom

There were shepherds taking care of their flocks at night. An angel appeared to them and told them not to be afraid as he brought good news, “This very day in David's town your saviour was born – Christ the Lord!” They would find the baby wrapped in cloth, lying in a manger. (Luke 2:8-20)

"Angel Wings" - a painting inspired in prayer by the movement of God - now given to a friend.

Light in the darkness

Comfort during anxious times

Angelic visions

This was created as I was processing my feelings around my Covid hospital experiences.

One of the "things" that I kept drawing is this shape of light. It is something which keeps coming to mind as I remember the CT scans. I'm terrified of small spaces and have no idea how I coped with the CT scans I had, but this light was a constant presence of peace in my minds eye. Each time I felt anxious I would close my eyes and see this and then the scan was over. An angel was with me.

This painting is that moment in time when heaven opens and God welcomes someone home.

I don't know what you see, but the very bright crosses in the centre are doves and angels, but perhaps no one else can see that.

I painted this last week

I didn't expect it to become this

I was practicing drawing people

I accidentally unticked the layer with the detail of the person standing up

I knew it was meant to be an empty space

Or an ethereal form

Or God

Or an angel

Or, or, or, or....

There are so many different ways this painting speaks to me. Some of these are with me as the girl; some are with R as the girl. All of these are positive, full of love and comfort.

The Greenbelt Angel

Angel wings shimmer

Reflecting refulgent light

Peacefulness descends

Fractals explode lies

Releasing truths of conflict

Forgiveness heals

Pensive people peek

Nervously exploring life

Might war be ending?


Seek selenite solutions

Proposals for peace

(Created during the Israel Gaza war)

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