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Thin Places

I used to think I had to go somewhere specific to find a thin place. To feel that flow of energetic peace. To receive the gentle movement of the spirit. To physically know God's abundant presence.

I was lucky enough to travel all over the world and found so many thin places; by the sea, beside rivers, within woodlands, in Cathedrals and other ancient places of worship. I would get tingles up my spine and an overwhelming desire to stop and just be.

When my ability to travel even beyond my front door was hugely curtailed by disability and illness I thought I would never visit a thin place again, never feel those connections again. I was wrong.

I have felt the same "thin place" feelings in my garden, by the local lake, at the sea shore I visit each month and even in my house when I hear a bird sing. I don't name all of these as "thin places" but these experiences are moments when the distance between the divine and the world becomes thin.

Perhaps I've become more finely attuned to the flow of God's presence, perhaps God has blessed me when I needed it, perhaps both. I don't know, but I'm incredibly thankful.


This kind of flowed out of me in response to a question by Justin Coutts in the Celtic Christianity Facebook group. I don't want to forget what I wrote so I'm sharing it with this painting which gave me a thin place feeling as I created it.

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