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Their Agony: Every Life Matters

Pleased to share that this book "Their Agony", which includes a chapter of mine entitled "hold onto hope", was published today.

My chapter starts with...

"I have lived with depression on and off since my teens; that's over 30 years of living with varying states of mental health. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I have learned a huge amount over the years about how to survive the darkest days and for me it all centres around holding onto hope.

These poems and paintings are glimpses into my experiences. I hope that they speak to you whether you are struggling yourself, supporting someone else who is struggling, or interested in finding out more about surviving severe depression."

More about the book:

"Their Agony is written by 74 people from around the world to shed light on the increasing rates of depression and suicide. We all have our own unique stories which we have chosen to share hoping they will help someone else to reach out for help."

You can buy a copy here

Their Agony: Every Life Matters

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