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Tactile Art

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

I am passionate about making art accessible for all, especially for those of us with visual impairments.

As well as creating audio descriptions for art exhibitions I have started developing tactile art. On this page I will share some of these pieces.

Can you see Little Guy

Perhaps you have to strain your eyes

Or on your screen magnify

Maybe you've already scrolled on by

This piece isn't designed to see

It's more about it's tactile quality

To provide accessibility

Creating more equality

A celtic trinity in wood stuck onto a background painted in thick bright colours

A giraffe shape in wood stuck onto a square of wood painted in swirling oranges

A guide dog shape in wood stuck onto a square of wood painted in swirling oranges

A 10cm mandala on a block of wood all painted green

This heart might be rough around the edges

It might look lumpy and bumpy

It might be imperfect to your eye

But it's full of life's complexity

Designed not so much to be seen

As much as to be touched

To be felt

To be loved

And to ask the questions...

What do you value?

What do you love?

What is the truth of hearts?

Mine more wooden animals which have found their colour in various ways. I'll be taking these to the two workshops I running for visually impaired children and teenagers this summer with Berkshire Vision. I hope they will inspire some creativity.

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