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Praying for peace

Today I have been praying for peace. For the war in Gaza, the war in Ukraine and for all situations of conflict in the world.

As part of this time of prayer I have created several paintings and written two prayers of lamentation.

Oh God our protector

Your love never fails to bless the world

Why does hatred endure?

We fail to accept your loving grace and forgive those who hurt us

We beseech thee, bring peace into conflict, protecting the innocent

We praise you in our hope for a world without hostility


God of peace

You detest war and call for understanding

Help the world resolve conflict and find forgiveness of each other, as children of God 

We thank you for your grace and blessing


The process of writing prayers of lament, expressing our sorrow and asking for God's help, is cathartic. There are two structures of a poem or prayer of lament which I use.

Seven part lament

- Address to God

- Review of God's faithfulness in the past

- The complaint

- A confession of sin or claim of innocence

- A request for help

- God's response (not always included)

- A vow to praise or a statement of trust in God

Three part lament

- Protest: Tell God what is wrong

- Petition: Tell God what you would like done about it

- Praise: Expression of trust in God, based on God's character and previous action, even if you can’t see how that will happen

Why don't you have a go at writing your own prayer/poem/psalm following one of these structures, or any you'd like. I would love to read them and pray them so please post them in the comments or on my social media.

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