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Perfect stillness

The lake teems with life

Full of movement and conflict


Few ripples surface

All seems to be perfect peace

But life still vibrates


All of my sinews vibrate

Invisible shakes

I've tried a number of different techniques in this painting inspired by a photo I took in the lake district many years ago. Every painting I create has a poem - either inspiring it or developing as I paint. I've been working to improve my image descriptions for my visually impaired friends but might have got a bit overly poetic this time.

Alt text: In the distance the mountains of the lake district rise from a lake, bathed in dappled colours of sun and shade. The lake barely ripples allowing the mountains to reflect, bathing in the cool of the water. To the left trees peep, colours hinting at the approaching autumn months. Whilst in the top foreground a bough heavy with summer growth hangs low, admiring it's reflection in the summer waters knowing soon it's beauty will be shed.

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