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Updated: May 24, 2021

I woke up with this painting in my mind. I've almost created what I saw. I've learned that when this happens it is probably meant for someone to see. So if that's you, I hope it blesses you today.

Here is a description of this painting for my blind friends: An abstract painting of pentecost The disciples stand together at the bottom of the painting in yellow Above them an orange warmth covers their heads Above that splatters of red fill the picture Some small splatters land on the head of each disciple Above that, in a blue sky, a white dove descends

Below are a series of haiku I've written about Pentecost.

Waters cleanse, baptise Twelve chosen, learn together Love is shared widely Fear spreads like fire Security now threatened But love conquers all

Fiery wind descends

Inspiring, energising

Moving through the world

Holy spirit spills Fills hearts with abundant love Love for everyone

Reach out to receive

Guidance in your every day

Let God lead the way

Playing with fire

Trusting God in the flames

Hopeful at the core

If you would like to read other pentecost poems I've written in previous years then you can find them in n my blog archive here

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