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Nobody left behind

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Praying into peace Circling the world equally Nobody left behind

I painted the green abstract painting and then over laid it with the mandala I drew. I was trying to communicate some of the concern I felt about the exclusive nature of cop26 and the way so many of left out and left behind. Through prayer in the creativity the Haiku developed.

This piece was shared by a friend on Facebook, it was then seen by one of their friends who is a member of Green Christians in another part of the country. It spoke to them and in less than 48 hours I've given permission for it to be shared on their website.

It still surprises me that I paint and write in prayer and as a form of mindfulness; then God uses it in all sorts of amazing ways. To God be the glory.

Praying for action

Embrace the natural world

Stewarding the world

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