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Little Guy Ponders

Presenting four new seascape paintings featuring Little Guy, accompanied by four new poems.

Old me

New me

Bitter soul


Old you

New you

Shallow thoughts


Diving in the cold waters of memory

Drifting on eggshell blue waves

Through the twists and turns

Of oceanic currents

Until, washing up on unknown shores

All fears are drowned by joy

Whilst salt dipped toes

Paddle in foam topped shallows

Around the headland

The forest beckons hopefully

As speckled foxgloves glow

Like skin, kissed by summer's breath

Interacting with nature


Without movement

Or judgement

Allowing the sounds and smells

To become part of me

Soothing tension

Releasing frustration

Lights reflect truth

Of shared atoms

Chemical reactions

Heal disconnections

In the dead of night

I wait

Alone with my thoughts


Repeating conversations

In fear

Can you hear

The noise of my worry

Of what I said wrong

Of where I overstepped

Of ... everything

Anxiety rages

Leaving lies in it's wake

Creating doubts and dismay

Yet come what may

I find a way

To welcome a new day

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