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Journey through the Psalms

I spent a total of four hours drawing and praying through 6 Psalms. The idea to do this was sparked by my friends Claire Cullingworth and Rox Nicholl as part of the creative(ish) not a Bible study group.

I've shared the whole process condensed into 30 seconds of video on my Instagram reels and insta and fb stories, I've shared the raw video without any audio below.

The psalms I journeyed with are Psalms 1, 23, 51, 77, 137 and 150.

Psalm 1

Psalm 23

Psalm 51

Psalm 77

Psalm 137

Psalm 150

At the end I've created one abstract piece, in the style of my planets, which brings the whole journey together as one.

Onto this I've written the key words which stood out from each psalm...

Delight in the Lord

His love will follow me

My mouth will praise

God's ways are holy

We will sing songs of the Lord

Every thing will praise

As I read those words again, several hours removed from choosing them, I realise how they reflect the truth of my faith. I feel loved by God and wish to share that with others through poetry (songs) and creativity.

It's also struck me that the words are two haiku poems - which speaks deeply to me because I feel my haiku are gifts from God.

There's more I might share around this whole process but for now that's enough.

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