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How to choose your next MP

As we get closer to the UK general election it's time to think carefully about how you will vote.

Here's a poem which might assist you.

Could you be our next MP

Can you multiply half a dozen by three

Can you tell the difference between facts or fiction

Do you understand scientific prediction

Are statistics a terrifying beast

Do you know the difference between most and least

Have you experienced life as an average Joe

Seeing what teachers and nurses undergo

Have you ever fed a family of five

On £10 a week, and kept them alive

Do you admit your lack of knowledge

Do you ask for advice and your gaps acknowledge

Have you listened to those who struggle each day

Rather than watching from far away

Do you care

When others cry

Do you have a heart?

That would be a start!

Can you say

"I don't know why"

And ask for advice

Knowing that's a vice

If you can not answer yes

Then you've failed this simple test

Every person* 18 years or over is invited to vote for one candidate in their constituency to become their next Member of Parliament. You can expect to choose from representatives from Conservatives, Green Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats and possibly some others including independents.

*With a few exceptions

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