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God loves everyone, why can't the church

You might have heard that this week the Church of England Synod (governing body) was discussing and voting on whether same sex couples could have a service of prayers and blessings to celebrate their marriages.

Eventually, after a lot of pretty awful "discussion", some of which I consider hate speech, about LGBTQ people; it was agreed that dedicated services to bless the weddings of same-sex couples can be held soon. No I don't know what "soon" means.

I haven't said anything until now because I couldn't figure out what to say about the views expressed by many of the opposers of the services of blessing. I am merely an ally and friend, sitting on the sidelines and trying to get the church to move forward, yet I found myself in tears at the awful things that were said about LGBTQ people.

I know I should be celebrating this small move in the right direction. But honestly I feel more disillusioned than I did before, at the lack of compassion, understanding and love by some in the church.

This is the church I am licensed to as a lay minister and it blumin matters to me that we are inclusive of everyone and share God's love to everyone.

I decided to pour my heartbreak, dismay and frustration into art today and this is what emerged.

My prayers continue that the Church of England will move forward together to a place of inclusivity, acceptance and love. In the meantime I will keep advocating and campaigning and loving those who I know God loves completely in their gender, sexuality and relationships.

Thanks go to the Bishop of Oxford who put forward the amendment which eventually allowed the services of blessing to be accepted.

Alt text

A heart shape comes out of the darkness with another heart borne of light on the right and a feather or wing on the left. Perhaps this is an angel wing which holds up those who long to be accepted. Perhaps it's an angel wing under which everyone can be protected

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