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Fluid Art

My favourite digital painting creations are my abstract planets; they have such meaning and emotion within their obscurity. I love paint pouring for the same reason, plus I get messy which is always a sign of a great time.

One of the things which fascinates me is that I can't see what I'm creating until I take a photo and magnify it, yet somehow the emotion I'm feeling is obvious to me in the painting. I wonder whether our sight, and our judgement of what we see, actually blocks some of our creativity. I think it did for me.

30cm tall piece of wood

30cm circle

5cm canvas

1.5m long shelf

An old broken record

5cm canvas

A5 board

Old kitchen cabinet door

A5 canvas


Old kitchen cabinet door

The one down side to paint pouring is the amount of waste from the run off, but I lay whatever spare materials I have laying around under the pouring area and create smaller pieces from that. Often those are more successful, I guess because they have even less control imprinted on them. Here are some wooden animal shapes I've had for years which have found a new life with fluid art run off.

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