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Five years

For five years we've known

That tower blocks are death traps

That money comes before people

That those in power don't really care

About the poorest

About the disabled

About families of every colour

Who make their homes together

In community

It's been five years and a public enquiry

Five years and a fire brigade's honesty

Five years and witnesses sharing tragedy

Five years and yet honestly

I don't think anything has changed

Will anything ever change?

I think it's getting worse

Covid proved the disabled are expendable

The cost of living crisis says the poor are forgettable

The flying of refugees to Rwanda shows...

Zero compassion

Zero humanity

Zero empathy

Zero morality

Where are our country's morals

It's like a dystopian novel

A film no one would believe

But it's reality

And there seems to be no reprieve

But I won't give up

I will fight for justice

I send the letters

I sign the petitions

I even write poems

Knowing I'm not alone

That thousands of others

Are doing the same

Hoping that things will change

Not in five years

Not after yet more tears

Not even in another year

But soon

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