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Everyone deserves respect and dignity

This is a tiny little canvas with so much going on in it. It was under a record I paint poured onto the other day and so was covered with the overflow through the centre hole. Isn't it amazing how the discarded paint created something so beautiful.

There are so many people who are discarded by society. Those who live in poverty, people who are sick or disabled, those who are in or have been in prison, kids who in children's homes, people in nursing homes, refugees, asylum seekers and more. Many think that these people deserve the bare minimum, the run off, the spare, the discards of life. They see people managing to live their best despite receiving the dregs, much like this little painting. But they deserve more. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. No over deserves to be hungry or cold, everyone has a right to equality.

Wow. I didn't expect that to pour out of me. But it's an important message.

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