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Christmas Card designed for Berkshire Vision

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

I was thrilled and honoured, and a little terrified, to be asked if I would like to design a Christmas card for Berkshire Vision.

I wanted to create something bright and cheerful, which wouldn't exclude anyone of a different faith, including an element of sight loss and which felt like a little bit of art for the recipients.

I came up with this bright green and yellow background colour with primary colour details. I then developed a few different ideas including snowmen and Christmas trees.

I sent the designs to Berkshire Vision and they chose the Christmas tree card, which includes one of my Guided Guy characters.

I would have helped with marketing the cards when they were available for sale in packs of 5; but they sold out almost immediately. It was wonderful to be part of this successful fundraiser for the charity and I hope the cards are brightening lots of people's homes this Christmas.

If you'd like to know more about my Guided Guy characters then click here to go to section all about them.

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