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Guided Guy

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

As you know I am legally blind, this means I have so little sight remaining that I am registered Severely Sight Impaired. I have no sight at all in my left eye and 5% of vision left in my right eye which is best described as a blurry tunnel of sight.

Being "blind" is different for every one of us; some of us have a little central vision, others a little peripheral vision and others no vision at all.

There is a general lack of knowledge in society about what it means to be visually impaired or blind and many people don't even know about the white symbol cane or how the different white canes are used and that is why I've created Guided Guy.

Over the last few years I have experimented with giving some of my Little Guy characters a white cane, just as some of my Little Guy characters use a wheelchair, but recently decided that Guided Guy is a person in their own right.

The paintings which host Guided Guy are abstract in nature and always feature a pathway which they are attempting to navigate. In this way perhaps Guided Guy represents us all; do any of us really see what our lives hold in the future?

Below are some of my Guided Guy creations.

Every painting is accompanied by a poem which you can find on my Instagram grid @emmuk74.

You can find all my Guided Guy paintings in this Guided Guy album

Guided Guy may be blind and struggle to navigate through life.

But don't we all struggle to navigate our way through futures we are yet to see?

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