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Christmas Angels and Stars

I have created this series of paintings depicting the Angels and Stars which appeared in the sky, to the Shepherds and the Wise Men, telling of Jesus' birth.

These paintings have been used at various church services and groups this advent. They have been an aid to prayer as well as sparking conversations. I have included some questions you might like to ask yourself at the end of this post.

An Angel Appeared

Do Not Be Afraid

In Bethlehem A Baby Is Born

The Glory Of The Lord Shone Around Them

Glory To God In The Highest

I Bring Good News of Great Joy

You Will Find A Baby

We Saw His Star

When They Saw The Star They Were Overjoyed

Follow The Star

Some questions for you to think about, or ask of each other.


How would you respond to an angel appearing?

Would you believe your eyes?

Would an angel have to be a shining bright being with wings?

Are angels around us in many different forms in Earth?

Do you keep watch for angels in your life?


Would you notice a new star in the sky?

How would a new star noticed by astronomers impact you?

What would you think if a group of astronomers decided that a new star was a message from God?

Do you look out for messages from God?

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