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Canterbury Cathedral

Two paintings inspired by the spiritual light and hope I felt inside Canterbury Cathedral.

It is very much a thin place, where the prayers said through the centuries were alive and I could feel God with me. There was a deep sense of peace and welcome and it felt like a safe place to leave emotional loads.

There are "thin places" throughout the world - sacred spaces where the boundary between heaven and earth is more permeable and it is easier to encounter God. Many of these are ancient places of worship such as Iona or Cathedrals.

I was at Canterbury Cathedral for the

consecration of the Venerable Neil Warwick as Bishop of Swindon.

It was a service of joy and hope alongside the holy and historic with the Holy Spirit very much on the move.

When I was praying in Canterbury Cathedral yesterday after receiving communion I was blessed with visions of light and rainbows, reinforcing the message from the sermon of sharing hope into places where darkness can overwhelm.

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