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Breath of God

Justin Coutts has written a thoughtful blog post about the breath of God which you can read here

The thinking about the breath of God is especially poignant since covid.

When I was in hospital struggling for breath I prayed through every breath for peace, calm and healing on the in breath and for fear and doubt to be gone on the out breath.

I couldn't focus on any much more than my breath for months and months as covid became long covid; and the prayers continued in that way.

Recently my breathing has started to improve but my connection to my breath remains important, in prayer but also in my creativity. I have been an asthmatic all my life and so I've been aware of my breath during attacks, but not in the every day until covid.

There's stuff in this for me to ponder which I will keep Pondering. In the meantime I've shared four paintings of the place I can breathe most easily, with God and in my lungs.

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