Bringing together everything Emma
From Little Guy's Journey to prayer and ministry
With art, mental health and a whole load of poetry


What's normal?

Normal What's normal anymore? As distanced from normal As we are from each other Yet normal was never my aim Who wants to be normal...

Be aspirational

"There's only one party to vote for if you're aspirational" That was the comment that caught my attention in a local political discussion...

Julian of Norwich

Today is the feast of Julian of Norwich. I have grown even more grateful for her writings during Lockdown so thought I'd try to create a...

Mental Health First Aider

We all have mental health, like we all have physical health. Sometimes it's good, sometimes we struggle. Mental ill health can strike at...

Pocket Hugs of Hope

At the start of Lockdown 2 in December 2020 I decided to match some of my paintings to positive messages for sharing online. People...


It's been a long time coming but I've finally taken the plunge to bring "Everything Emma" into this one place with my own domain here at...


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