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Psalm 42

Put your hope in God As I read Psalm 42 I was struck by these words; and then .. By day the Lord directs his love. At night his song is...

Psalm 139

Part one These four paintings all started life in the same way, and then I used fluid art techniques to create these abstract images. ...

Psalm 22

Three paintings inspired by three different sections of Psalm 22. I've sat with the psalm this afternoon, reading it in lectio divina...

Special to God

My friend Jill Marsh asked us to share about how we're #SpecialToGod. I'm sharing two paintings where I've placed myself, tiny in my...

Bible Art

Sharing a collection of paintings inspired by Bible verses. I created these during Lockdown as a way of praying in anxiety. Give all...

Reading Gas Tower

Gas tower reflects Memories of train travel London to Reading Architectural welcome Dominating horizon I created this tanka poem and...

Prayer Painting

I thought it would be interesting to share some of my recent prayer paintings. I literally paint whilst I pray, offering and receiving...

Perspective matters

Heights tier wider Details ever decreasing Perspective matters .. I think one of the things we've lost an appreciation of is the fact...


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