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What's normal?


What's normal anymore?

As distanced from normal

As we are from each other

Yet normal was never my aim

Who wants to be normal

Following the crowd

Standing in line as prescribed

Not me

And yet

There's that longing

To be accepted as one of

As part of

The crowd


Lost me

But I lost you

By being who I had to be

That's the truth to see


Stay steady

Don't let these strange times

Change you incorrectly

There'll be changes of course

But stay true

To you

With your imperfections

Your fabulous conversations

Stranger thoughts

Head full of hope

Messy hope

And light

Amidst rain

Rainbows to be followed

Dreams to be caught

Doorways to be entered

Destinations unknown

Words unwritten

Ink spilled




Saying goodbye to what was

Dropping expectations

With an audible thump

Of relief

My soul will sing


Hope will climb


To the stars

Above rainbows

Full of light

Not held back

By rainfall

Of fear

Those I'll abandon

Experiences random

I'll embrace

I'll face

The truth

Of me

I'll find

My very heart

Pure individuality

Will you join me?


I wrote this poem a year ago, in Lockdown. Facebook time hop kindly shared it with me and I had totally forgotten about it, it was a little gift.

I agree with the sentiment as much today as I did when I wrote it and so I've created a piece of tessellated artwork to accompany the poem

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