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We need to listen

There's so much hatred

So much judgement

So little listening

Let alone understanding

Everything is polarised

Bracketed black or white

Yet almost everything in life

Is on the grey spectrum

They want us divided

Those in power create division

They divert our attention

So we don't see their transgressions

It's manipulation

Which is bad enough

But they are changing society

Making it much worse for us

Under paying workers

Removing reproductive rights

Abandoning refugees

Saying guns are a right

Across the world

In every nation

Money and power

Are devastating

So what do we do?

That's the question that matters

We need to come together

Heal communities shattered

Focus on change

For the good of us all

Listen to each other

Knowing together we can't fall

I know it's not easy

I know hatred exists

But by starting to listen

We can better coexist


Wow that got long fast. As you might be able to tell I'm getting increasingly worried by the way our society is dividing whilst the political and economic power houses watch and laugh knowing we're too busy to watch their actions.

This doesn't mean I think we should ignore the horrific changes being made which restrict human rights or cause poverty and pain; but that we need to somehow find common ground together in everything.

I know I'm getting into deep water here but.... Take the removal of every woman in USA to access an abortion. I can't really believe that someone who fights for the right of the unborn child wouldn't change their mind if they spoke to someone who made the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion. If they sat in a room and shared their stories, their emotions, their truths. If they could speak without hatred or judgement, but hear each others pain, because there is always pain, then surely they could find a place they agree, connecting in their humanity.

Take the refugee crisis. When I share the reality of people I have worked with on The Light of Hope book, with people who think refugees should be turned away, I see their opinions change. I see empathy and compassion by hearing about a human, not an unknown "group".

Perhaps I'm naive

Or I'm too optimistic

But something must change

And soon!

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