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Slow down and sense the place with me

A day at Maiden Erlegh Lake in abstract paintings is now completed.

I used the colours of the landscapes to inspire the abstracts. But more than that... I took away perfectionism and replaced it with the emotion of the place and the experience of visiting and missing the place. I am pretty sure most of you will prefer the landscapes to the abstracts and I think (though I'm happy to be corrected) that's because the landscape paintings can be seen and understood in a glance. The landscapes are traditionally formatted and representative of what you expect to see in paintings and in real life. Where as the abstract pieces need you to spend time with them; to sit and be with them; to ponder and wander and wonder with them. They are not to be glanced at but to explore. And here's the thing..... That's what changed in my life when I lost my sight. No longer could I glance at the world as I hurried around. No longer could I see what I expected and accept it as it was. I had to slow down and experience with all my senses, I had to ponder and wander and wonder if I wanted to enjoy the natural world, or anything which I'd previously taken for granted. Through my blurry tunnel of sight I came love the exploration of the world. That blind reality and emotional exploration of the world is what these abstract paintings in their planetary circles represent for me. And they invite you to come a bit closer into my world and see what I see in ways I see it, not just with my eyes but with all my senses and everything I am. So please, slow down and take the time to see what these abstract paintings might be saying to you. What do you sense of the places I am inspired by?

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