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Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve

Here it is; 8 paintings taking you on a journey round Maiden Erlegh Lake in a day.

Each of these paintings is based on or inspired by a photo taken at Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve over the last few years. Some I took myself whilst others were taken by friends who shared them online.

Special thanks go to those people who share photos of the natural world from their walks. I've barely visited my favourite wheelchair friendly wild places over the last 18 months thanks to Shielding and Long Covid; photos have provided a connection with nature I didn't think was possible.

Painting those places adds a further level of connection which has become a huge blessing.

I'm really pleased with how this project has turned out.

But this is not the end....

Next I am going to paint abstract paintings of each scene and write a poetic journey round the lake in a day. Watch this space

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