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Praying and Painting Every Day Exhibition

Praying and Painting Every Day Exhibition is now open at The Atrium in Reading.

This is the biggest and most varied exhibition I have created to date. I have hung paintings of Reading on the walls of the cafe along with some of my planets and abstract pieces.

On the display board I have hung art from 4 of my books along with the books themselves and associated prayers:

Caring for Creation - environment

Little Guy - mental health

Lights Stuck On Red - those who are grieving

Dormiveglia - people who are sick

Behind the sideboard you can see my painting of the Queen and a set of Little Guy paintings. On that sideboard are cards, flipbooks, notebooks, digital art prints and some of my fluid art paintings.

My hope for the exhibition is that people engage with the issues I'm passionate about, and hopefully buy a book, card or painting for themselves or as a gift.

Huge thanks go to my PAs Vicky and Caroline who worked so hard setting up the exhibition; I couldn't have done it without them.

And finally..... Before we'd even hung the exhibition the first book sold, I can't tell you what an encouragement that was.

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