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Paintings and Poems for Ukraine

24th February

News reports "there is war in Europe".

War in Europe!

Not a historical tale

It's happening today.

Russian troops have entered Ukraine.

World leaders are meeting,


deciding what they can do.

To halt this course of action

To stop war from escalating

But diplomacy is failing

So I am praying

Finding peace in art

Amidst the horror of war

I keep on praying

Week commencing 28th February

Ripples of prayer

Circulating round the world

We're calling for peace

Praying for Protection

Praying for Peace

Praying for Political resolutions

Praying for the People

Praying for Practical interventions

Praying for

Praying for

Praying for Possible solution

Praying for every Precious life

Refugees fleeing

Desperately leaving



Taking only what they can carry

Can you imagine?

What would you put in a bag?

A suitcase

For your whole family

I bet you struggle with holiday packing

And this is most likely






Leaving suddenly

Separated from family

Lives in catastrophe

As their men go to war

This is the reality

Of life as a refugee

And yet politically

They're seen as....





How dare we!

This could be

You or me

By luck of our birth

We live in safety

Work professionally

Whilst doctors and nurses

Teachers and engineers

Flee from their lives

To futures unknown

The least we can do

Is open our doors

And offer new homes

In safety

Praying for Ukraine

Connected around the world praying for peace

We cry tears of frustration

Not knowing how to respond

As situations around the world overwhelm us

Prayer keeps us strong

Week commencing 7th March

A storm is on us

All of us




We have no way of knowing

How it will end

Some in boats float past

Barely noticing

Whilst others cling to flotsam


And I feel so impotent

All I can do is paint

And poetically rant

But what help is that?

So I pray

With too many words to say

Yet the words won't come

My voice is numb

But thankfully

God needs no words to be said

He knows what's needed

What's in our heads

Hope starts to build

And I remember that the world is filled

With goodness in people everywhere

For them I give thanks in prayer

He can destroy homes

Makes families refugees

But their hope remains



Praying for peace

Praying for the injured

Praying for the dead

Praying for the grieving

Praying for the refugees

Praying for compassion



Women and children Targeted in hospitals These are war crimes

Clouds of refugees Fleeing to safer places

Far from clouds of war

Calling poets, writers and artists to submit for a book about and by refugees. "Light of Hope" will raise money for the charity Phone Credit for Refugees and will be published by Refugee Week in June 2022.

Open up the doors Making enough room for all Gift of hope and love

Houses of Hope

In every shape and colour

Opened for strangers

Those at the very top

The lucky

The rich

The privileged

Look down on the world

Judging those they can not see

Those they left behind

Or never even met

Those hidden from sight

Beneath clouds of reality

At the summit they sit

In judgement

Bathed in the sun

Wondering why....

"Why don't they try harder?

Why do they say it's so hard?

Why are they complaining?

Why, why, why, why?"

They stick together

Completely unaware

Without a single care

Not wanting to care

For fear

That might cause an avalanche

Might be their downfall

Yet somehow

They find shelter

From the harshest weather

Supporting each other

Thinking they are cleverer


Instead of, by birth luckier

Divisions cause pain

Families separated

Needing our support

Breaking down borders

Travelling to safer places

Searching for a home

We are connected

Even in separation

Build understanding

Week commencing 14th March

Physically Painting for Ukraine

Angels now wander

Where children used to play

In empty homes and flattened schools

Behind hospital walls now turned to rubble

Absorbing blossoming fears

Silently blessing the earth with tears

From the rubble of lives

Beauty emerges unexpectedly

Never give up hope

From darkest places

Life can seem impossible

Keep looking for hope


Overflows for Refugees

Spring tide of welcome

Angels here on earth

Stepping up to help others

Praying for the world

Every child matters

A perfect life lost to war

Praying for peace

Week commencing 21st March

Praying for peace

For safety of everyone

Praying for Ukraine

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