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Pain and Exhaustion

I am thrilled to have received this email saying my painting and poem (from my book Dormiveglia) will be included in the Sick Artists Club Exhibition as part of "Things I have learned the hard way" - a retrospective of the Margate-based artist and disability activist Lizzy Rose (1988-2022).....

"Hi Emma

Thank you so much for submitting your beautiful and sensitive artworks. I'm thrilled to say that we would love to include one of them in the online exhibition for Sick Artists Club.

I have set up a page for your artwork here:

And you can see it in the online exhibition as well here:

Thanks so much again for your time in submitting your artwork.

All the best,

Katie Hogben

Digital Project Manager"

There are so many amazing artists included in the exhibition, all living with chronic illness. Please go and take a look and discover more about what life is like when you are chronically ill.

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