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Living with Long Covid

Dormiveglia is a collection of 80 poems and 25 digital paintings about the reality of living with Long Covid.
"I hope you enjoy exploring these poems and paintings. But more than that; I hope that it gives you an insight into what life is like for the thousands of people who are living a life changed so completely by Long Covid; and for the many millions who live with ME, FND, Fibromyalgia and other similar illnesses who have been ignored, misunderstood and often abandoned for years." - Emma
I have recorded myself reading all the poems in Dormiveglia so that the book is completely accessible to everyone even if they can't access print media - as I can't.  If you are visually impaired or struggle with reading printed text then please contact me and I'll happily give you access to the audio description at no cost.  
You can find more about Dormiveglia and read reviews on Goodreads
Visit the virtual art gallery of the artwork from the book


As someone with ME, whose body is energy deficient and often alerting to unreasonable pain, these words speak directly to me. So much so, that I could have written them myself but Emma has a special gift of making the complex, simple and the ugly, beautiful in ways I never could.
Thank you for sharing your gift of words and images with us Emma, and for teaching me to be okay with not being okay - I don’t feel alone anymore

Then on Twitter: "Huge thanks to Emma for a signed copy of her new book ‘Dormiveglia’.
In it, Emma shares her experience of #LongCovid and the struggles that brings through art and poems.
As someone with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis, Emma gave me the words I didn’t have myself."

Review by Laura Neale, Director of YouBelong 


"Have loved reading the poems of Emma Major in her new book Dormiveglia. 

Such thoughtful reflections on the reality of living with LongCovid &so very recognisable. 
Lots of questions,pondering, hope.
Do think this will resonate for many."

Review by Ruth Lampard, the chaplain to The ME Trust. 


Today I read Domiveglia by @emmuk74. A book of poetry about #LongCOVID. It’s beautiful, with light and shadow, presence and purpose. It’s composed, complete and caring. It would be accessible to many with Long COVID. It’s a wonderful piece of work. Thank you Emma 💙

Review by Darren Brown, Chair of Long Covid Physio

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