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Outcomes for disabled people in the UK: 2021

The office for national statistics has published the third annual release exploring how aspects of life for disabled people in the UK compared with those of non-disabled people in 2021.

You can read the report here

The following are observations and questions I've asked the ONS about their statistics:

1. Volunteering levels are about the same between disabled and non disabled people but employment levels for disabled people are much lower. Does this show that the issue is employers discriminating rather than disabled people being unemployable?

2. Activism is about equal between disabled and non disabled people - again showing that we are engaged and passionate, with a desire to improve the world - why don't employers want some of this in their businesses?

3. Disability and education - have these statistics taken account of those of us who acquired our disabilities in adulthood? I wonder if my high level of qualifications gained before I became disabled might be skewing the statistics?

4. Disability and housing - again has this been analysed to ensure that those of us who have acquired our disabilities aren't skewing the data? We own a house because I was able to work and earn enough to get a mortgage before becoming disabled

5. Disability and mental health

The mental health issues raised are huge and need dealing with. I worry that whilst a lot of support is being given to lonely older people, disabled working age people are ignored.

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