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I make a choice to use my voice

I make a choice To use my voice For good To share my truth My inner pain And joy My words might cloy Or congeal But hopefully They'll make you feel Something An inner stirring Of emotion As my honesty Sparks life deeply In your soul You might not like How my truth sounds Perhaps it will be too close To your bones Might resonate too fiercely Too intensely Or perhaps you're not ready To hear My fear My longing For belonging And that's OK Because I write each day For me It gives me clarity To order words In poetry Even if no one reads These words I share I don't care I lay my soul bare For me In poetry It's truly who I am A poet Though I didn't know it For so many years I thought others Had to label me To affirm me But now I see It's stamped On my humanity


Today is national poetry day so I've penned this about poetry.

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