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Earth Day 2023

Here are a series of new paintings and poems I created for #earthday whilst people gathered in London with Christian Climate Action  calling for #nomorefossilfuels #thebigone

I wonder whether any of these paintings speaks to you and how?

Pinks of damage swirl

Whilst nature cries out in fear


Greens no longer safe

Darkness of pollution

Destroys nature

Blue oceans bleed red

Waste Selfishly discarded

Plant life can't sustain

Hope drifting away

We must change actions today

No time to delay

Let the Earth shine

Without worrying if it's yours or mine

We are merely custodians

Should put nature on the podium

Rather than believing we have a right

To everything in our sight

It's time to stop taking

Time to start repairing

Let the daisies grow

With dandelion companions

As buttercups bloom

Let the weeds deploy

Allow insects to enjoy

Please do not destroy

Sakura in bloom

Hanami delivers hope

Beautiful blossoms

Disconnected cherry blossom chasers

Spy psychedelic illumination

Rushing to beat all the other gazers

Who sit around stuck in rumination

Dancing in petals of every hue

Hearts collide as love starts coalescing

Bare feet bathing in cool refreshing dew

Celebrating Spring's glorious blessing

Tulips and daisies cheer from the borders

As dandelions observe from afar

Daffodils sway with nearby crocuses

Ivy thinks it's all a bit too bizarre

Life in the garden always on the move

Will you join in and discover your groove?

Resplendent rainbows eclipse green auroras

Delicately fighting dark midnight themes

Birds sing lullabies inspired by flora

Love burns inimitable dancing dreams

Spaces develop as nature changes

Slowly fermenting forgotten fears

Mountains examine within their ranges

Bathing in rains full of stormy tears

Time elapses increasingly slowly

As truth obscures pure imagination

Stars that once sparkled now sad and lonely

Shine their precarious situation

Love betrothed now sadly disconnected

Looks to the light hopefully reflected

If you like these poems and paintings then you might want to purchase my book "Caring for Creation Together" published by Wild Goose Publications of the Iona Community. "40 paintings and associated poems presented in 8 sections as a journey through the issues of climate change."

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