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Dreaming In Colour

Today is the feast of St Luke the patron saint of doctors and artists. So what have I been up to today? Well I was at the eye hospital this morning and heard the wonderful news that my blind eyes are healthy which is always a relief because I can't tell if they are developing issues which most people would "see". I'm so thankful to the many doctors who look after me in so many different ways, especially my wonderful GP. Whilst I was at the clinic I had a wonderful conversation with my new consultant about my Neurological condition and about my poetry and art. I told her about my next book which is finally happening after years and years procrastinating - it's a story of coming to terms with my sight loss in poetry and art - and she was thrilled and said she'd love to see it when it's published and perhaps use it in the clinics. I want to share two verses from the gospel of St Luke which speak into the end of my conversation with the opthalmologist ... Luke 10:5-6 Whatever house you enter first say "peace to this house" and if anyone is there who shares in peace your peace will rest on that person. I left her office saying "God bless" which is something I never say to anyone outside church, but it came out. It stopped us both and she said "thank you, I needed that". God clearly knew what she needed. I assumed I wouldn't be about to paint anything this afternoon since my pupils are dilated, but I have great news.... There's basically no impact of the dilation, mainly because my sight has got worse since covid, but that means I can paint. And so here's a painting inspired by a photo of the inside of my eye.

It is such a joy to be able to paint and I now feel inspired to finish this book in the hope that it will inspire others who are losing their sight.

Abstracting my eye Seeing beyond lack of sight Observing my truth

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