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Book Review: Valuable by Liz Carter

From the first page of this valuable book I felt known. Known for never feeling good enough, for feeling useless, especially since becoming ill and disabled, even though I know God doesn't see me that way.  Achievement has always been central to my sense of self and yet my real value is in being simply me. God loves me as me, I am valuable. So are you. 

"Valuable" takes us on a journey of discovery through stories and Bible passages, poetry and prayers as Liz explores the lie of usefulness, the value Jesus placed on the poor and needy, the love of God for us all and the innate value of each of us as we are, not for what we do. 

This prayer in particular has stayed with me

"Father, when I stumble under the weight of my struggles,

Set me free to find you there with them—

Not outside, using them,

Or using me.

When I cannot understand your silence,

Sit with me there

And hold me.

Thank you that you work everything to the good,

That you are with me in the painful times,

That you speak to others through my difficulties.

Thank you that you collect up my tears,

You write them in your book,

You roar in the waves with me.


If you have ever felt like you aren't good enough for God or that you haven't achieved enough in life, then I recommend this book to you.  Chapter by chapter the truth of God's unconditional love will become clearer, helping you tear down the barriers of society's expectations, helping you know that YOU ARE VALUABLE. 

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