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After a surreal but amazing couple of weeks I think I'm finally starting to believe that I might be an artist and so I've created an art gallery on my website. Please go and take a look here Art Gallery

Firstly my Caring for Creation paintings and poems became an exhibition at various locations around Reading; before getting ready to head to Glasgow to be exhibited at COP26 and sold to raise money for Tearfund

Secondly my painting of Reading's Last Gas Tower was exhibited at The Last Gasometer and Reading’s Changing Skyline at the Riverside Museum at Blake's Lock’s-changing-skyline

Thirdly Junction Arch Heritage and Arts asked if they could exhibit two of my paintings at their heritage open day And finally... I opened up the CCC (garage) on the Wokingham Arts Trail, welcoming over 50 visitors during the weekend for chats about creativity, lessons on digital painting and sharing my artwork. Oh and I might not have mentioned that I have signed contracts for 5 books of poetry and paintings which will release over the next year. I won't give too much away except to say that one is a book version of Caring for Creation, one is about living through a pandemic, one is faith related and the last two are about health, in its widest definition. I never imagined any of this and can't imagine what will land in my email inbox tomorrow, but I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunities to share faith and hope with people. None of this would be possible without the practical, emotional and prayer support coming from so many people, and the loving presence of God.

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