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Another view from my window

This time last year I wouldn't have imagined I'd have an art exhibition open, be preparing for an art installation, be negotiating (get me) about how my art can be displayed in Glasgow for COP26, in final discussion about 3 more books of art and poetry, preparing for an arts trail plus adjusting to life with FND and long covid and dealing with gynae (oh and loads of church things). Ok, that might be why I'm tired! But my point.... Life has changed beyond recognition this year, in scary ways but also in amazing creative ways. This time last year I was talking to Grayson Perry for the first time and starting a year of intense counselling. That's a point in time which I'm sure I'll look back on as a milestone. I'm so thankful that a year on I'm able to live more creatively than I ever have before. I feel somehow opened up, more able to be me and to be comfortable in that. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but I no longer beat myself up about that. I know I'm imperfect in so many ways, but hey, aren't we all. Sometimes I worry that I bombard everyone's Insta and Facebook feeds with my creativity, but then I remember that I love seeing other people's lives and it's easy to scroll on by. I don't worry "too" much about the months to come, I mean who knows what tomorrow will bring let alone next month; but try and enjoy each day as it comes. Today has been a harder day physically but a good day emotionally. I hope you have had a good day too.

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