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Accessibility information

A discussion has made me wonder.... Does your church / charity / group / organisation / company have an accessibility page on your website?

And if not, why not?

By an accessibility page I mean a specific page which provides information about the accessibility of the building/ service/ event/ group/ meeting/ website etc are to people with varying disabilities including physical, hearing, sight, ND and learning disabilities. I am a blind wheelchair user.

I don't go anywhere without checking and confirming the access will work for me.

I need ramps, wide enough doors, wheelchair accessible toilets, links to electronic versions of menus, agendas, hymn words and liturgy at a minimum.

I know not every church can provide everything, but it's important to state what is possible. Eg please contact us if you're disabled and would like a car parking space reserved. And provide details of the car park surface - I got my chair stuck in a gravel car park last month!!! Every church website can have downloadable liturgy and words for services and hymns. Plus large print if required. Again asking people to email in advance to state what their size requirements are - 18 is too small for many, 24 might be better. A T loop system is assumed as normal provision, but state it so people know it's working. If ramps aren't permanent in hard landscaping then say som I would rather know I can't get in than try a freestanding ramp which might slip and damage my chair or me Then...... provide photos, or even better - a video walk through of the building.

And finally.....

If there isn't an accessibility page on a websitee, plus someone to contact if I have questions, then I don't even consider trying to visit.

Most disabled people do this.

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