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The Life of Jesus in 8 Paintings

Every now and then something amazing happens and art just appears.

I know this is God at work.

These 8 paintings are one of these gifts from God.

These paintings were created separately and really quickly over the last 2 days. Only when I looked back on them did I realise that their colour ways matched and they were a series illustrating key points in the life of Jesus.


Annunciation - Angel visits Mary

Identification - Mary and Elizabeth






My Little Guy and Caring for Creation Together drawings and poems came to me in exactly the same way and then spoke to others powerfully, eventually becoming books and exhibitions. So now I share these trusting that God wants me to do that. And I ask you....

How do they speak to you?

Might they be useful for you if you're in ministry?

Does any one of the paintings jump out to you?

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